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Our Kantox research department regulary publishes reports about foreign exchange and finance in order to bring light and fresh air into an obscure, static market.


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About Us

Kantox is a pioneering firm in the foreign exchange industry, bringing light and fresh air to an obscure, static market. Through the Kantox platform we offer a comprehensive FX management solution for SMEs and mid-cap companies. 

Features include live mid-market rates updated in real time, FX rate alerts, a multi-user and multi-subsidiary account, complete client FX information dashboard and trading access round the clock Monday to Friday. 

Kantox was born out of the idea of disintermediating banks and brokers from the foreign exchange process, thereby driving down costs and administration time for companies. Instead of trading through a bank or broker, with Kantox, two trusted companies trade with each other directly, peer-to-peer. 

We have more than 1,000 corporate clients. In 2013 we handled transactions totalling over $250 million and we are on course to reach our 2014 target of handling $1 billion in transactions.

Foreign Exchange process by Kantox


If you want to know more about us, please go to our home page www.kantox.com. Thank you!