FX Hedging Strategies for a Post-Covid-19 World

Discover new Insights and findings based on the FX Risk Management Survey conducted by Kantox in collaboration with TMI

Be among the first to read our special report based on the Kantox & TMI FX Risk Management Survey. We polled a broad spectrum of companies from across countries and industries to bring you insights on establishing proper procedures for managing currency risk in an increasingly volatile global economy.

Based on real industry insights, in this exclusive report, you will discover:

  • Why technology is key in tackling the traditional FX management challenges: exposure collecting and monitoring
  • How to reduce the risk of hedging based on inaccurate forecasts in uncertain times
  • The increased importance of strategic FX management within the treasury department 
  • How the lack of trust in FX policy leads companies to still consider volatility as a currency challenge
  • Why technology is crucial in freeing up treasury resources and reducing workloads 

Kantox is a leading fintech building straight-through processing (STP) solutions that enable clients to automate their corporate FX workflow and leverage foreign currencies to increase competitiveness. Over 5,100 clients in 72 countries that have exchanged more than $12.5 billion on the award-winning platform.





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