Managing FX in Times of Uncertainty in the Flavour and Fragrance Industry

Kantox on-demand webinar

The impact of Covid-19 on a range of different industries cannot be ignored – and the Flavour and Fragrance industry is no different. During these turbulent times, currency risk management strategies that were once considered effective, are now struggling to deliver. The rules have changed and so too should your FX risk management strategy. If you’re a Treasurer, CFO or CEO looking for ways to address currency management challenges, join Kantox FX Solutions Director, Ernesto Giralt, and Channel FX Solutions Director, Richard Sinton-HewittIn this special 45-minute webinar for the Flavour and Fragrance industry, we will walk through some of the challenges faced by many companies in the sector and look at ways to help ease the impact on currency management. The webinar includes a special introduction from François Masquelier, Honorary Chairman of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers.

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  • The Covid-19 crisis in currency markets and its impact on the Flavour and Fragrance industry
  • Currency management practices that could be negatively impacting your business including the use of a manual FX strategy
  • Currency risk mapping and applying FX risk management best practices during uncertain times
  • And much more…

A Q&A session closes the webinar. 

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